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How do I register?
Go to this page, select a Username and enter a valid email address. You will be sent an email to the supplied email address with a verfication link.
If you haven’t received an email after 5mins, please check your Spam/Junk folder. Click on the link to verify your email.
A second email will be sent with your password.

I don’t like the password that has been supplied, can I change it?
Yes, go to this page to reset your password. You will need your valid email address or Username.

Do you offer refunds?
In most circumstances, no. The exception being when you have purchased a low resolution and high resolution photo of the same image. We will refund the cost of the lower resolution image. This is because your higher resolution images supercedes the lower resolution image and license.

How do I use your site to make a purchase?
It’s a very simple process.
Once you have found the image you like, select the product type/s you wish to purchase.
Enter the quantity you wish to purchase. You can select multiple items and quantities.
Fill in the form with the appropriate details. Digital Downloads only require Name and Email address.
Click on the “PAY WITH PAYPAL” button.
You will now pay for your purchase through the selected method.

I purchased a photo, do I get a hard copy?
Yes, if you have purchased a Print. Otherwise, all our images are digital and delivered digitally. You will receive a link to download your purchased images a minute or two after you have completed checkout.

I purchased a product, how long before I get it?
It depends on how busy our supplier is. We endevour to have our products delivered within 14 days of an order.

What’s the go with Licensing, it seems so complex?
An explanation of our licensing is here. This details the extend to which you can use your purchased image. This is seperate to the image size. It also gives you the legal right to have your purchased image/s printed professionally.

I see there are two of you, so who took my photo?
We have 2 photographers making up Wall2Wall Photos crew. It’s nice to know who it was that actually took your photo!

If your image starts with _DSC, your image was taken by Jodie. A little less experienced with snapping small, fast moving bikes she is learning very quickly. The quality and number of her images that are published is testiment to that!

If your image starts with _W2W, your image was taken by Richard. More experienced out of the dynamic duo, Richard has been mixing his passion for riding with his hobby of photography for many years.

Both Richard & Jodie ride and understand the love affair we all have with our machines. So if you pass us, and it’s safe to do so, feel free to pull up and say hi. We will be only to happy to have a chat!

What size image am I purchasing?
There are two aspects to an image purchase. The license (how the image is used) and the resolution (the image quality and file size).
The “Small” images are 1536px wide.
The “Medium” images are 2130px wide.
The “Large” images are 3230px wide.
The “Full Size” images are at least 5000px wide with most being closer to 7379px wide depending on crop.

I downloaded my image to my phone, where did it go?
All photos are in JPG file format and all phones will download the files to your download directory. Please note they will not automatically go to your Image Gallery!